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Go the Dog - Words by Matt Rojahn

Go the Dog. It was a passionate cry I must have heard within the first minutes of the first game I played (down at St Pauls). Along with "Go Doggies" it was a cry I would hear many times over the years and still hear. And as the years pass I couldn't help but start wondering. Where it all come from. This football club. That is such a part of the community. To me, it was like a country club in the city. 

If you had a go, you were alright. You mightn't get paid a hell of a lot, but geez, there was always someone to fix your car, to help shift you furniture, to have a beer with, and to help with any of life's other dramas if they need be. To get a job. 

What basically started as a church group has become not just a football team but a football community, which hopefully in these days of eco rationalism, mega dollar sponsors, computer wizardry, ground rationalization, impersonalisation etc has and hopefully always will show that a group of people working together can survive, will survive and will prosper. 

Go the Dog.

St Pauls Football Netball Club is a welcoming, inclusive family club which engages with the community & supporters, with the aim of creating and providing a safe and healthy environment where all can enjoy sport, develop friendships and be the best we can be.